Stay up to date on new permit applications in Council Districts by simply clicking on the Council District button below that you would like notifications for. You can select more than one District.

How it works:

* Every time a new permit application is received by the Department of Planning & Development Services, you will receive an email notification. Please note that this could mean multiple emails daily advising you of new permit applications.
* The email notification will include the application number, the date it was submitted, and the type of construction it is for.
* You will receive notifications for any permit that comes into the system, some examples include Residential or Commercial New Building and Remodel or Right-of-Way Utility permits. For a complete list of the permit types that Planning & Development Services handles please CLICK HERE to see our Types of Permits tip sheet.
* A link will be provided for each application where you can access additional information about the scope of the project and who the applicant is.
* These emails are for informational purposes only.

Refer to the below map for what council district you want to subscribe to for information.

Map of Tacoma City Council Districts

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