Where are wastewater (sewer) mains and side sewers located?

Wastewater (sanitary sewer) mains, owned and operated by the City, are shown on DART Map.

Information regarding side sewers, which connect buildings to wastewater mains, may also be available.  Visit the City of Tacoma’s Side Sewer information page and click View and Print Side Sewer Inspection Cards for instructions.  The inspection cards show the approximate location of the side sewer.

  • Search by address or parcel number in the upper left hand corner under “Find address or place”
  • Zoom into parcel and sewer and storm lines will appear.
  • To see if there is an as-built for a parcel’s side sewer:
    • On the left side, make sure the “Identify Results” window is open. 
    • Click on parcel to show information pertaining to that parcel.
    • Open “Permit/Site History” 
    • Select “E-Vault Documents”
    • If there are any records they will be under “Inspection Cards” as a pdf. Link.

Additional information on wastewater sewers can be found on Tacomapermits.org in the Resource Library or on the City of Tacoma’s website at www.cityoftacoma.org/sidesewer

Posted by admin on November 28, 2012 | FAQ Sections: On-Site Development and Right-Of-Way.
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