Who needs to apply for a Tree Work Permit and what does it cost?

Any individual or company must obtain a Tree Work Permit if any work in the City of Tacoma right-of-way or public property involves removal, pruning, or planting of trees.  Property owners may also obtain a permit for removal of trees, unless the tree is dangerous and requires a professional to remove.  Tree Works Permits categorized under TMC 9.18 and 9.19 are free of charge and no permit fee is applicable.

For Tree Work Permits categorized under TMC 9.20 specific to view enhancement, a fee deposit that is equal to the estimated cost of performing investigation and permit issuance is required in the amount of $1,300.  Any unexpended funds would be returned, as determined by the Public Works Department.

Tree Work permits are available at aca.accela.com/tacoma. You will need to create or login to your account, then select Permits. Applications for tree work are located under the Right of way permit type.

Posted by rgc on April 18, 2014 | FAQ Sections: On-Site Development and Right-Of-Way.
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