Fast and Friendly or Free

Fast and Friendly or Free: This guarantee applies only to building permits for new commercial structures (BLDCN).

The guarantee is defined as follows:

  • Fast – Permit correction comments or approval should be provided to the applicant within 8 weeks of the City’s determination of a complete application.
  • Friendly – Planning and Development Services (PDS) staff will provide services is accordance with our “Customer First” Promise.
  • Free – The plan review portion of the permit fee may be partially or fully refunded if approved by the Director.

Process: If an applicant believes they qualify for a refund under our “Fast, Friendly, or Free” guarantee, the applicant shall submit the “Guarantee Refund Form” to the City of Tacoma prior to issuance of the permit or resubmittal of corrections. All refund decisions are subject to the discretion and approval of the Director and may be denied for any reasons.

Refund requirements:

  • A request for refund must be submitted within 7 days of the City’s distribution of correction comments or approval of the permit. Requests submitted after 7 days will not be considered.
  • The permit shall not be issued until a decision for a request of refund has been processed. If the applicant chooses to have the permit issued, any outstanding request for refund will be null and void.
  • Requests for refunds based upon the “Friendly” portion of the guarantee must include a detailed description of how our “Customer First” Promise was not met. This statement must be submitted using our “Guarantee Refund Form” and signed and notarized.
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