Green Tools

There are countless ways to improve your project’s relationship with the environment. Here, the City of Tacoma has gathered common examples as well as tools at your disposal.

City of Tacoma Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability

Building & Site Designshow

Upgrading existing buildings and infrastructure are often more cost effective than building new developments that require new additional new materials, utilities, and roads.  Building materials that are naturally made or locally sourced are often more convenient to supply a site and they also contribute to local economies.

Energy Efficiencyshow

Conserving energy and incorporating renewable energy into a building design can provide cost savings to a building or homeowner.  Lighting, showerheads, electronics, windows, and other components of buildings may all help to use energy efficiently.

Indoor Air Qualityshow

Improving the quality of indoor and outdoor air is a key component to sustainable building practices.  Incorporating landscape spaces in and around a building, planting street trees, disposing of asbestos properly during demolition, and encouraging indoor plants in dwellings are Painting (links to Green Tools Painting.pdf)

Waste Reductionshow

Construction materials can be reused and resold at local recycling centers.  Appliances, sinks, tiles, moldings, and other building materials can be salvaged from demolitions and donated or reused.  Materials containing asbestos should be disposed of at specified centers.

Water Conservationshow

Conserving water is the cheapest source of additional supply and may prevent an increase in water rates in the long term.

Case Studiesshow

Learn about successful projects and local businesses in the City of Tacoma that have incorporated green building or sustainable practices.

Construction and Demolition Debrisshow