Historic Property Locator


The Historic Property Locator application is an ESRI web-based mapping application that consolidates key geographic data sets and maps for easy use to the public. The application was created due to recent code changes that may require additional review for certain permits. Applicants can use this application to identify historic properties near their development site and identify potential impacts to historic and cultural sites that might be impacted by development activities.   

Key Data Sets: 

  • Historic Place Register (Tacoma) 
  • Historic Conservation District (Tacoma) 
  • Historic District Register 
  • Historic Districts 
  • Mixed Use Centers 
  • Pierce County Tax Parcels 
  • Tacoma City Boundary 
  • Zoning Districts (Tacoma) 

Browser Compatibility: 

  • Google Chrome* 
  • Firefox 
  • Safari 
  • Internet Explorer 

*- Chrome users: This application requires cookies. If you traditionally browse with cookies off, then consider adding the map to your exception list. 


Support Information: 

City of Tacoma IT, GIS

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