Submittal Checklists

The checklists below are provided to help define the requirements for a complete application. Filling out the checklist for your type of application will help you to meet basic requirements for City staff to begin review of your project. If necessary, City staff may request additional information or plan corrections during permit review.

Note: While energy code review is included in the building permit reivew, electrical permits  are not included and must be obtained separately by the applicant’s electrical contractor/engineer from Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU). For more information, visit

Permit Type

Submittal Checklists

Land Use – Permits for property line changes, zoning interpretations, and discretionary review. Land Use Permits are sometimes required prior to receiving an associated Building or Site Development permit. Free Consent Form
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA)
Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
Critical Areas Allowed Activities
Design Variance
Final Plat
Final Short Plat
Height Variance
Parking Variance
Preliminary Plat
Preliminary Short Plat
Reasonable Accommodation
Setback Variance
Shoreline Permit or Exemption
Residential – Any work to single-family, duplex, or townhouse buildings or structures of 1-2 units Combination Permit Submittal Checklist
Remodels and Additions
Siding Modifications or Replacement
Window Removal and Replacement
Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, and Fireplaces
Adult Family Homes Inspection
Commercial – Any work to commercial buildings or structures, including residential buildings of 3 or more units Alteration/Addition
New Building
Special Inspection Form
Geotechnical Inspection Form
Site Development – Projects that may require a civil engineer for off-site right-of-way construction and on-site grading, paving, gravel, cut, and fill, parking, restriping, landscaping, stormwater facilities

Site Development Complete Application Submittal Guidance Form

Work Order and associated Document Checklist

Right of Way (ROW) – Minor permits for work within city right-of-way that do not require a civil engineer Right-of-Way Occupancy

Priority Review – Affordable Housing and Sustainable Development Projects meeting the criteria of this checklist may be eligible for priority review.

Permits covered by this policy are WO, SDEV, BLDCN, BLDCA, BLDRN. Complete this checklist and attach it as a separate document with permit submittal.

Priority Review Checklist


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