Public Notice Document Guide

Welcome to the Public Notice Document Guide. This is a short tutorial on how to access documents by using our Public Notice Landing page

Land Use Map Image

Click the image to visit the interactive Land Use Map.


Accessing Documents for a Public Notice

  • On the Public Notice Landing page you can click on the table at the bottom to see more information on a notice
  • By clicking “Link to Permit Information” as shown in the image below you will be taken to Tacoma’s Permitting Portal where you can access specific record information

  • The below image is a snapshot from Tacoma’s ACA Page.
  • By clicking the drop down ‘Record Info’ you can click the link ‘Attachments’.

  • Documents on file will be found here.
  • You can download or view the image by clicking the ‘Actions’ drop down on a specific file.
  • This is now the primary way to reach Land Use Documents.

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