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Permit Number Notice Date Applicant Address Notice Type

Project Coordinator: Shanta Frantz

A Conditional Use Permit application to make improvements to Swan Creek Park under Metro Parks Tacoma’s 2019 Master Plan. Swan Creek Park is located on Tacoma’s Eastside comprising land owned by Metro Parks Tacoma (MPT), City of Tacoma, and Pierce County. MPT has recently completed master planning and community outreach to update the 83.6-acre Uplands portion of the 2011 Swan Creek Park Master Plan. Total park acreage owned by MPT is 296.6 acres. The Swan Creek Park Master Plan, adopted by Metro Parks Tacoma in summer of 2011, includes a vision for the Uplands that blends a desire for recreation with a need to protect the wildlife habitat and natural resources of the Park. The 2011 Master Plan identified 25 high-priority projects using several criteria that required re-visiting in 2018 for the Uplands portion of the Park. Through steering committee input and community outreach in the form of community meetings and an online survey, an updated list of goals, priorities and a new master plan update were developed for the Uplands and adopted January 2019 by the Metro Parks Tacoma Board of Park Commissioners. MPT has secured funding to implement the second phase of proposed improvements within the Uplands area (during Phase I, trails, parking at the community garden and signage improvements were renovated). Completion of the Phase II improvements is planned for February 2021. All other improvements shown in the master plan will be implemented in future phases when funding is available and completed by 2024.

LU19-0223 10/29/2019 Tiegan Tidball 4818 E PORTLAND AVE Notice

Project Coordinator: Shanta Frantz

A temporary use permit (TUP) to allow a Family Overnight Shelter to return to the basement of the Bethlehem Baptist Church. Previous TUPs were issued for this site in 2016 and 2018 and are related to BLDCA16-0293. Providing Overnight Shelter to Families, Single Women, and Couples without children at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

LU19-0052 10/14/2019 Port of Tacoma 5002 MARINE VIEW DR Notice

Project Coordinator: Shannon Brenner

Shoreline Substantial Development and Conditional Use application to permit a rockery that was installed as an emergency to prevent the exacerbation of active erosion prior to the storm season. Previous attempts at soft shore armoring proved unsuccessful and in coordination with WDFW a small rocketry was installed.

LU19-0174 10/10/2019 True Point Surveying 1779 S 43RD ST Decision

Project Coordinator: Kristina Haycock

Final Short Plat (2 Lots), Associated with LU19-0174 (Preliminary Approval) and WO19-0110

LU19-0060 10/04/2019 Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community 1301 N HIGHLANDS PKWY Decision

Project Coordinator: Shanta Frantz

The Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community proposes a major modification to its Planned Residential Development District, Site Approval and Environmental Review to add new independent living apartments and associated parking to its campus. Demolish existing 4-plex cottage, 6-plex cottage, and a carport, and modify existing surface parking lot to construct a six story 41 unit independent living apartment with structured garage (2 separate structures over shared podium), and a three story 50 unit independent living apartment with structured garage.

LU19-0065 10/03/2019 BCRAdesign 1002 S PEARL ST Decision

Project Coordinator: Shanta Frantz

Conditional Use Permit and SEPA-Environmental Review to replace the YMCA on Pearl. Partial clearing of site to the west of the existing YMCA building in preparation for construction of the new 2-story structure of approximately 94,300 SF in the initial phase, followed by an additional 19,000 SF in a subsequent phase. Demolition of existing structure and reconstruction and development of parking, landscaping, playfields, fencing, and all site amenities.

LU19-0115 09/19/2019 Judy Tucker 1218 N I ST Decision

Project Coordinator: Lisa Spadoni

A height variance request to allow two existing dormers to be raised to match the existing ridge height. The site is located in the HMR-SRD Historic Mixed Residential Special Review District and within the View Sensitive and Historic Overlay Districts. The height limit in the View Sensitive Overlay is 25 feet.

LU18-0224 09/16/2019 DIMA Construction 2940 57TH AVE NE Decision

Project Coordinator: John Harrington

6 lots short plat

LU19-0127 9/6/2019 Josh Miller 3024 VISTA VIEW DR Decision

Project Coordinator: Shannon Brenner

The applicant has requested a verification for the location of critical areas on the subject property. No development is being proposed at this time; however, the critical area verification can be used to inform future development of the site.

LU19-0107 09/04/2019 Jim Visscher 3580 PACIFIC AVE Decision

Project Coordinator: Lisa Spadoni

Variances to building design standards, pedestrian connections, and fencing standards for the construction of an emergency communications center and associated administrative and support offices. Review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) has been conducted as part of this application.

LU19-0053 08/23/2019 Contour Engineering LLC 1315 E 52ND ST Decision

Project Coordinator: John Harrington

14-lot subdivision for 13 new single family residences and one existing residence

LU19-0090 08/21/2019 Jordy Louis Lee 5414 E G ST Decision

Project Coordinator: Lisa Spadoni

A Conditional Use Permit application for converting a single family home into a duplex through the Residential Infill Pilot Program (RIPP). The project was approved through the RIPP and now requires review as a Conditional Use. The project is located in the R-2 Single-family zone district at 5414 E. G Street.

LU18-0321 07/30/2019 Mohammad Kanso 604 S SHERIDAN AVE Decision

Project Coordinator: Lisa Spadoni

A variance request to allow 9 parking stalls rather than the required 13 parking stalls for construction of a 14-unit 4-story apartment building at 604 S Sheridan Avenue. The site is located in the C-2 General Commercial zone district.

LU19-0092 07/18/2019 Michael Horak 934 E 61ST ST Decision

Project Coordinator: Kristina Haycock

An official determination to allow the property at 934 E 61st Street to be categorized as buildable under the City’s Level 2 small-lot residential design standards. The property is located in the R2.

LU17-0009 07/17/2019 Alex Shvets 4203 FOREST ST Decision

Project Coordinator: Karla Kluge

Critical Area Development Permit to construct a new Single Family Residence within a wetland and buffer located on a steep slope.

LU19-0093 07/17/2019 Carly Nations 4101 49TH AVE NE Decision

Project Coordinator: Kristina Haycock

Verizon Wireless proposes to modify an existing telecommunications facility by increasing the height of an existing monopole by 20′, installing 6 antennas, and adding a 10′ X 10′ equipment shed.