Planning and Development Staff Directory


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Office of Director
Peter Huffman, Director253-591-5373Director
Linnea Meredith 253-591-5553 Office of Director
Permit Resource Center
Philip Kao, Manager253-591-5611Permit Resource Center
Permit Specialists
Brenda Reifsnyder (Lead) 253-591-5033 Permit Specialist
Anna Hudson 253-594-7821 Permit Specialist
Dori Tolbert 253-573-2303 Permit Specialist
Emma Burnfield 253-594-7859 Permit Specialist
Jenna Warner 253-591-5005 Permit Specialist
Jessica Malaier 253-594-7822 Permit Specialist
John Griffith 253-591-2015 Permit Specialist
Application Services
Noah Yacker (Lead) 253-591-5613 Application Services
Charla Kinlow 253-591-5620 Application Services
Joe Graff 253-591-5622 Application Services
Patty Costa 253-591-5593 Application Services
Innovation Team
Jennifer Ward (Lead) 253-591-5022 Innovation Team
Casey Jamrog 253-591-5631 Innovation Team
Nathan Connors 253-591-5691 Innovation Team
Jacque Dalton 253-307-7309 Innovation Team
Office Support
Alison Wilkerson 253-591-5377 Office Support
Land Use
Jana Magoon Manager253-594-7823Land Use
John Harrington 253-279-8950 Land Use
Kristina Haycock 253-591-5845 Land Use
Lisa Spadoni 253-591-5281 Land Use
Shanta Frantz 253-591-5388 Land Use
Shirley Schultz 253-591-5121 Land Use
Tommy Tague 253-594-7971 Land Use
Critical Areas Review
Karla Kluge 253-591-5773 Land Use
Shannon Brenner 253-591-5482 Land Use
Office Support
Aubrey Pike 253-591-5309 Office Support
Long Range Planning
Brian Boudet, Manager253-573-2389Long Range Planning
Long Range Planners
Elliott Barnett 253-591-5389 Long Range Planning
Larry Harala 253-591-5640 Long Range Planning
Lihuang Wung 253-591-5682 Long Range Planning
Mesa Sherriff 253-591-5480 Long Range Planning
Stephen Atkinson 253-591-5531 Long Range Planning
Historic Preservation
Reuben McKnight (Lead) 253-591-5220 Historic Preservation
Lauren Hoogkamer 253-591-5254 Historic Preservation
Office Support
BT Doan 253-591-5343 Office Support
Site & Building Division
Corey Newton, PE, Manager253-591-5765Site & Building Division
Site & Right-of-Way Review
Chris Johnson, PE (Supervisor) 253-502-2164 Site & Right-of-Way Review
Alicia Floyd, PE 253-591-5066 Site & Right-of-Way Review
Jason Miller 253-591-5790 Site & Right-of-Way Review
Joy Rodriguez, PE 253-591-5098 Site & Right-of-Way Review
Karina Stone, PE 253-502-2286 Site & Right-of-Way Review
Larry Criswell 253-591-5787 Site & Right-of-Way Review
Trevor Perkins 253-591-5747 Site & Right-of-Way Review
Special Projects
Stephanie Brock, PE (Lead) 253-573-2315 Special Projects
R. Steve Taylor Jr. 253-651-4021 Special Projects Inspection
Residential Review
Craig Kuntz (Lead) 253-594-7820 Residential Review
Benjamin Wells 253-591-5732 Residential Review
Elisabeth Leaf 253-591-5752 Residential Review
James Kim 253-591-5165 Residential Review
KD Drathman 253-502-2278 Residential Review
Quyen Thai 253-591-5465 Residential Review
Tony Vasquez 253-591-5976 Residential Review
Commercial Review
Sue Coffman, PE (Building Official) 253-594-7905 Commercial Review
Terry Forslund, PE (Acting Building Official, Supervisor) 253-502-2298 Commercial Review
Barrett Hayes 253-591-5429 Commercial Review
David Johnson, PE 253-591-5032 Commercial Review
Hoyt Jeter, PE 253-591-5334 Commercial Review
Joel Rasmussen, PE 253-591-5094 Commercial Review
Lucas Shadduck 253-380-7786 Commercial Review
Scott Beard, SE 253-591-5542 Commercial Review
Building Inspection
Patrick Barry (Lead) 253-304-8462 Building Inspection
John Reeves 253-242-0890 Building Inspection
JT Fletcher 253-307-3877 Building Inspection
Karl Berner 253-255-7962 Building Inspection
Ken Ho 253-278-9564 Building Inspection
Maurice Milbrandt 253-255-7956 Building Inspection
Stacy Dravis 253-255-7195 Building Inspection
Steve Ward 253-255-7959 Building Inspection
Site & Right-of-Way Inspection
Jim Harteau (Lead) 253-591-5880 Site Inspection
Drayton McLaren 253-651-7332 Site Inspection
Jim McDaniel 253-377-0604 Site Inspection
Aaron Engel 253-254-3027 Site Inspection
Misty Hahn-Zwosta 253-377-0601 Site Inspection
R. Steve Taylor Sr. 253-651-9028 Site Inspection
Scott Haydon 253-377-3061 Site Inspection
Administrative & Financial Support
Allison Davis 253-591-5610 Financial & Admin
Ashley Bryan 253-591-5784 Financial & Admin
Betsy Terrones 253-591-5158 Financial & Admin
Siobhan Blackwell 253-382-2769 Financial & Admin
Trang Tran 253-591-5275 Financial & Admin
Tysheka Abraham 253-591-5764 Financial & Admin
Fire Review
Ryan Erickson, Fire Code Official253-591-5739Fire Code Official
Chris Seaman, PE 253-591-5503 Fire Review

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