Before You Submit

If you need pre-application services to find out submittal requirements or applicable permits, see the Pre-Application Services page.

Preparing Your Plans

Review the appropriate checklist below so that all information for review is shown on your application drawings. See separate submittal requirements for Stormwater and Work Order plans.

Application Fees

For permit fee estimates, use the online Fee Estimator or contact a Development Services Permit Specialist. Some fees are due at the time of application submittal and some are due at the time the permit is issued.



Simple Site Planshow

  • Scale (1”=20’ is typical)
  • North arrow
  • Property lines in bold black
  • Label “existing” and “proposed” building footprints
  • Label streets and alleys
  • Distance between structures
  • Distance between buildings and property lines
  • Significant grade change and known wetlands
  • Existing and proposed driveways, parking, and other paved or graveled areas
  • Additional site information (such as easements, utilities, contours, sidewalks, and trees)

Floor Planshow

  • View of each building floor from above
  • Scale (1/4″ = 1′ is typical)
  • North arrow
  • Label “existing” “proposed” and “to be removed”
  • Existing and new floor area in square feet
  • Dimensions of each room
  • Windows, doors, and other openings
  • Use of each room (“dining room” “bedroom” “storage” “office” etc.)
  • Garage or utility room dimension in square feet
  • Additional site information requested by staff

Building Elevationsshow

  • Scale (1/4”=1’ is typical)
  • Exterior view of all sides of the building where work is proposed
  • Label view “East, West, North, South”
  • Overall height of structures
  • Building materials, facade details
  • Windows, doors, openings, dormers, canopies, awnings
  • Roofline and rooftop mechanical units
  • Additional information requested by staff


Roof Framing Planshow

  •  Scale (1/4″ = 1′ is typical)
  • Truss/rafter layout
  • Size of rafter members and connections (if stick-framed is proposed)
  • Truss manufacturer’s installation requirements
  • Pitch of roof/highest portion of the roof to check height dimension
  • Insulation values to be installed

Wall Section Planshow

  • Scale (1/4″ = 1′ is typical)
  • Size and spacing of framing members (studs)
  • Insulation R-value to be installed in the wall
  • Braced wall panel location and nailing
  • Header sizes for doors and windows

Mechanical Plansshow

  • Simple Site Plan for outdoor heat pump locations
  • Label “existing” “proposed” “to be removed/replaced”
  • BTU output of furnace and square footage of conditioned space (to check energy codes for new furnaces and heat pumps)

Plumbing Plansshow

  • Description and number of fixtures to be replaced
  • Replacement of waste lines or water lines
  • Plumbing fixtures on a Floor Plan with dimensions and obstructions


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