Bicycle Parking

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Applicable Definitions

  • Bicycle Parking – Stationary rack that accommodates a lock securing the frame and wheels, or a lockable enclosure with the quantity accommodated determined by manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Short-Term Bicycle Parking – Parking meant to accommodate visitors, customers, messengers and others expected to depart within two hours; requires approved standard rack and appropriate location and placement.
  • Long-Term Bicycle Parking – Parking meant to accommodate employees, students, residents, commuters, and others expected to park more than two hours. This parking is to be provided in a secure, weather-protected manner and location.

Bicycle parking requirements typically apply to all new development and alterations that, within a two-year period, exceed 50 percent of the value of existing development or structures.

The Table included in TMC 13.06.090.G.3.d is used to determine the minimum number of short-term and long-term parking stalls required.

Short-Term Location Standards

  • Short-term bicycle parking shall be located within 50 feet of, and visible from, the primary building entrance for individual sites.
  • Short-term bicycle parking may be shared at a common location on the same block and same side of the street, provided the quantity meets the total requirement and is no more than 100 feet from any site served.
  • Where directional signage is provided at the main building entrances, short-term bicycle parking shall be permitted to be provided at locations not visible from the main entrance.
  • Short-term bicycle parking may be grouped near an owner designated primary entrance in shopping centers.

Short-term bicycle parking shall not block pedestrian use of a walkway and shall be located where there is sufficient space to allow bicycle maneuvering and

  • allow access to the rack without moving another bicycle.
  • Short-term bicycle parking shall be located at the same grade as the sidewalk or at a location reachable by ramp or accessible route.

Design of Short-Term Bicycle Parking

  • Bicycle parking facilities shall be consistent with any applicable, adopted business area improvement plan, streetscape design plan, or other applicable design guidelines.
  • If the location is not currently lighted, it shall be provided with illumination of not less than 1 footcandle at the parking surface. Lighting is not required for park and open space/natural areas where the use is limited to daylight hours.
  • It shall have an area of not less than 24 inches by 60 inches for each bicycle.
  • It shall be provided with a rack or other facility for locking or securing each bicycle in an upright position and to allow for the frame and at least one wheel to be secured with a standard U-lock.
  • Racks should have a minimum height of 33 inches or be indicated or cordoned off by visible markers.

Examples of short-term bicycle parking

Long-Term Location Standards

  • Long-term bicycle parking facilities for residential uses shall be located on site and within 100 feet of the building they serve.
  • Non-residential long-term bicycle parking shall be located on-site or within a shared bicycle parking facility within three hundred (300) feet of the lot, except as provided in subsection 5 below.
  • Long-term bicycle parking shall be in a secure location where access to the bicycles is limited and is not available to the general public.
  • If garage racks are accessible to the general public they must be directly adjacent to an attendant booth that is occupied 24-hours a day.
  • Bicycle parking for non-residential uses may be located in a facility within three hundred (300) feet of the lot that is not a shared bicycle parking facility, if the Director determines that safe, accessible and convenient bicycle parking accessory to a non-residential use cannot be provided on-site or in a shared bicycle parking facility within three-hundred (300) feet of the lot without extraordinary physical or financial difficulty.

Long-term Facility Type
Bicycle parking facilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Designated indoor bike room with locking system;
  • Bike cage with locking system in a parking garage;
  • Uncaged bike parking in a garage or area with 24-hour secured access (protect bike parking areas not in a cage from autos with bollards, curbs, or other means);
  • Individual bicycle lockers with locking system, provided the lockers are partially transparent or include a view hole to discourage improper use;
  • Designated bike space with racks inside an office area, which can be locked when it is not occupied.
  • Limited access areas and areas monitored by a security camera, with weather protection.

Design of Long-term Bicycle Parking

  1. Long-term bicycle parking shall be provided with a permanent cover including, but not limited to, parking structure, roof overhang or awning.
  2. A minimum 3 feet parallel spacing between conventional ground-level bicycle racks (e.g. inverted-U racks) to allow access to bicycles parked adjacent to each other.
  3. A minimum 5 feet perpendicular access aisle between rows of bicycle parking to allow users to safely move and park their bicycles.
  4. A minimum 2 feet 6 inches perpendicular spacing between a row of conventional ground-level bicycle racks (e.g. inverted U-racks) and walls or obstructions to allow the bike to be placed correctly on the rack.
  5. Allow 24″ minimum clearance for user access between a wall or other obstruction and the side of the nearest parked bicycle (may use 18″ minimum for some rack types such as wall-mount).
  6. Provide at least 25% ground-level bicycle parking spaces, to allow for use by those unable to lift their bicycles to higher racks and those with bicycle types that may not fit in upper-level or wall hanging racks (e.g. recumbents, folding bicycles, cargo bicycles, or those with trailers).
  7. For in-building bicycle parking facilities and where more than five (5) long-term bicycle parking spaces are required, lockable clothing/gear storage lockers must also be provided. However, facilities that already provide personal lockers are not required to provide additional locker space for bicycle clothing/gear.

Examples of Long-Term Bicycle Parking

Applicable Regulations
Tacoma Municipal Code Section: 13.06.090.G – Short and Long Term Bicycle Parking

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