Getting Information from CivicData

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Tacoma uses a system called CivicData ( to store our permit data that is publicly viewable. To get information about our permits, follow the instructions below:

Finding Tacoma

CivicData services many jurisdictions by hosting their permit data. From the CivicData homepage, you can click on the Find Data button, and search our name, Tacoma. The direct link to our page is

Choosing a Dataset

Every jurisdiction has options for multiple sets of data. The majority of our active permits are in the dataset labelled Master Data 5 Year Report (though these instructions work with any dataset). Click the View Dataset button and you’ll see the data included with that report.

Navigating the Report

By default, the dataset will show 100 results at a time. You can go to the next set of 100 by clicking the right arrows, back by clicking the left arrows, or enter a custom range with the number boxes in the middle.

To search all fields, click into the search box, type your search, and click the Go button.

Using Filters

You can also filter the data by clicking on the Filters button.

  • Drop down the Field selection.
  • Choose the first field by which you would like to filter.
  • Based on the field chosen, choose a filter type. Examples:
    • Date range: choose a start and end date for the data to go between
    • Contains: the text in the field chosen contains the text you enter
    • Equal: exact match, case sensitive search for the field
  • Click the Add Filter
  • Repeat for additional filters.
  • In the second area, fill out your chosen filters. This step will offer a calendar to select dates when searching date fields.
  • Click the Filter

Downloading Data

In the top-right corner of the dataset, there is a blue Download button which will provide two options: CSV and JSON. CSV will work as a standard spreadsheet that works in Excel, Numbers, or any other spreadsheet application. JSON will download a JSON file for programming. Unless you are familiar with how to use this file type, use CSV.

NOTE: Filtering the data does not affect the download files. These files will include all data in the dataset. 



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