Expedited Building Permit Review

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How does expedited review work?

Typically, the applicant will let us know they are interested in an expedited review for their project. Then:

  1. A Pre-Application meeting is required for the project. In addition to reviewing any project related concerns we will review with the applicant to ensure that expediting review of the permit is both feasible and will address the needs for the project.
  2. The applicant reviews and signs the Building Permit Expedited Plan Review Agreement.
  3. Upload the signed form with the documents when submitting the permit, and include in the project name “[Project Name] – Expedited Review”.
  4. Pay the fees that are calculated by the Permit Specialist.
  5. The due date for review will be adjusted and review will commence.
  6. Resubmittals require revised documents and memo with a response for each comment. Include the initial comment and how the comment was addressed.  Resubmittals without a comment response memo which includes how each of the comments were addressed will be rejected until a memo is provided.

When can I request expedited review?

The time to choose if 3rd party review is right for your project is prior to submitting permit review.  A pre-application submittal is always required.

Who does the expedited review?

We have contracted with 3rd party reviewers to conduct expedited building review.  Assignment to those 3rd party reviewers is at the discretion of the City.

What is the time difference for expedited review?

For initial review, if our target for review is 4 weeks, such as for a BLDCA, an expedited review can be conducted in 3 weeks.  For an 8 week review such as a BLDCN, expedited review will be conducted in 4 weeks.

Rechecks will be conducted in 2 weeks.  Significant changes in review documents, changes or additional scope may require more time to review, and will not exceed the timeframe needed for an initial review.

How much does expedited review cost?

An additional 45% of the permit fee will be charged to pay for the administration of the 3rd party expedited review.

**Based on the fees in effect on July 1, 2018, a project with construction value of $1M would have the following fees:

**Adding Expedited Review would cost an additional 45%  of the base permit fee, or 0.45 * 9,727 = $4,377.

For the example above, expedited review added roughly 25% to the total permit fees.  See our cost estimator at https://tacomapermits.org/pds-resource-library/fee-estimator to enter information for your project.

Fees for expedited review must be paid at the time the plan review fees are paid.

The scope of my project changed significantly. What should I do to keep things running smoothly?

Please provide us with a description of the changes, where they are found, and if there are special code considerations that were addressed in the design.  

What if the expedited review takes longer than I was told?

We take our commitments to service delivery seriously.  Every project is unique, and if we miss a deadline there are unique circumstances.  We may provide a partial to full refund of the additional expedited review fees depending on management review of the circumstances.

Is expedited review required for some projects?

No, expedited review is voluntary.

Can I be denied expedited review?

While rare, there are some projects for which the City may determine expedited review is not a viable option.  We will review the circumstances with you if this is the case for your project.

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