Field Revisions

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When do field revisions occur?
Field Revisions occur when changes need to be made to a permit after it has been approved and issued.

Before changes are constructed in the field, an applicant should first apply for a field revision as soon as they know a change will be needed. If there is an instance when an applicant has not notified the City that the plans have changed, and built something that diverges from what is shown on the approved plan set, the inspector will advise the applicant that an approved field revision is needed before the inspection can be approved.

Applying Online
A field revision is applied for online via the applicant’s Tacoma Permits portal (ACA), just like other types of permits. The type of permit will either be Commercial Field Revision or Residential Field Revision, listed under the Additional Services dropdown option.

Keep in mind that multifamily structures of 3 or more units are considered Commercial. If you are unsure about whether your permit qualifies as Commercial or Residential, refer to the permit number of the parent permit.

  • BLDCNs and BLDCAs are Commercial.
  • BLDRNs and BLDRAs are residential.
  • SDEV and WO Permits are always commercial.

The application will ask for the typical site location information and contact information. It will also ask for the Related Record information. This should be the parent permit number. If your revisions will be to the building structure, refer to your Building Permit (starting with BLD).If your revisions are onsite, but outside the building footprint then refer to the Site Development Permit (starting with SDEV). For revisions to plans for Right-of-Way improvements, refer to the Work Order Permit (starting with WO).

Submittal Requirements
Revisions to plans for all permit types should be made using standard drafting conventions including clouded revisions and the revision number, description, and date listed in the revision block located in the title block on each revised plan sheet. Any new plan sheets with proposed revisions should be noted by adding an “A” to the sheet number. Subsequent field revisions would follow the same process but include sequential lettering (B, C, D…etc.) for the revised sheet number(s).

Proposed revisions to Work Order and Site Development permit drawings must clearly refer to the approved set of drawings. A copy of the approved plan sheets being revised must be included with the Field Revision Submittal, with changes preferably shown as redlines on the approved, watermarked plan. Be sure to include all plan sheets that show the revisions as well as any standard details affected by the change(s).

Processing of a field revision is charged hourly, with a minimum of one hour of additional plan review: Permit Fee Estimator.

The fee is due when the field revision is issued.

Review Process
The review process for a field revision depends largely on how many subject matter experts will need to review. A change in the truss system, for example, may only need to be re-reviewed by the building code reviewer. A change to the windows, could potentially trigger a re-review by Building, Land Use, and Historic. Changes to a building foundation (ie: making it bigger or moving an exterior wall) may require revisions to the related Site Development (SDEV) Permit.

Upon approval, revised plan sheets will be watermarked with the FRC/FRR number and uploaded to the parent permit record. The applicant, or their representative, must ensure approved field revisions are printed and included with the approved plan set on the project site. Watermarked, approved plans must be on site and made available to the inspector at the time of inspection. If required, future record drawings by the applicant’s engineer must also account for all field revisions. Final Inspection approval for the main permit will not occur until after all of the associated permits are also approved and inspected.

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