How to Pay Online

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Once permit fees have been invoiced, there are two different ways to pay online.

Without an Account

For this option, no permitting account is necessary.

  1. Go to the website:


  1. Enter the record number in the search tool at the top right-side corner of the screen:

  1. Select the Record Number link:

  1. Select the drop down box for Payments, then choose fees:

  1. Choose Pay Fees and follow the rest of the prompts:

With an Account

For this option, you will need to have an active account that is linked to the permit.

If you are an owner or financially responsible party, and would like to have full access to a permit record (for easier payment access, detailed document and status availability, etc.), a permitting account will need to be created online:

Once the account is created, email to request that the account be linked to the permit record.

Once the account is active and linked, these easy steps can be used for online payment:

  1. Login to your Tacoma Permits (ACA)account
  2. Select the record number under My Records
  3. Select Fees under the Payments drop down menu
  4. Select the Pay Fees link
  5. Select Check Out and follow the remaining prompts to enter payment information.


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