How to Submit Plan Revisions

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When Revisions are Required

This Tip Sheet provides instructions on how to submit revisions (plan corrections) for Building Permits, Site Development Permits, and Work Order Permit applications that have not yet been issued.  All contacts associated with the permit record will receive an email notification when the Review Comment Memo and all associated documents requiring revisions is ready to view or download.  Revisions may be submitted after receiving the Review Comment Memo.  If you have questions about the resubmittal process, please contact Application Services at (253) 591-5030.  If you have questions about a specific review comment, please contact the appropriate reviewer listed on the Contacts section of the Review Comment Memo.

How to Submit Revisions

  1. Log in at Tacoma Permits (ACA):
  1. Go to my records.

3. Select the record number.

 4. Select the record info drop-down menu and select attachments.

5. Select the date heading twice to sort documents by most recent.

6. Select the “Review Comment Memo” to view/download to your computer.

The Review Comment Memo provides next steps for resubmitting the permit, staff contact information, general notes and notes requiring revisions. Files with notes requiring revisions are noted with the file name and document type.

7. View/ download the documents listed in the review comment memo.

8. Prepare revisions.

“Cloud” all changes on revised documents so that staff know where the changes were made on the drawings, except for Work Order drawings.  For Work Orders, just change the drawings appropriately without any clouding.

All resubmitted files should be COMPLETE files and not only the revised sheets.  Failure to submit the full file with all sheets will cause the resubmittal to be rejected and delay review.

9. Prepare review response letter.

For all commercial permits, a revision response letter that addresses each review comment in the Comment Memo must be provided.  For all residential permits with plans completed by a design professional, the design professional must provide a revisions response letter.  If you have questions or believe any of the review comments should not apply, please contact the appropriate reviewer directly to discuss the comment.  If the reviewer agrees the comment does not apply, document this in the revision response letter.

10. Submit revisions & response letter.

Once you have made all necessary corrections to the documents, repeat steps 1-4 above.

  • Select Add Attachments.
  • Select document from your computer (may select multiple documents).
  • Select Continue and Save Attachment.



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