Infill Pilot Program

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Examples of Infill Development


To promote innovative residential infill development types, while ensuring that such development demonstrates excellent building and site design that is responsive to, and harmonious with, neighborhood patterns and character.

In addition, the Pilot Program is intended to develop a body of successful, well-regarded examples of innovative residential infill, which inform a Council decision whether to finalize development regulations at some future point and design standards for some or all of these infill housing types.


The provisions of this section apply to the following categories of residential infill:

  • Detached Accessory Dwelling Units within the R-1, R-2, R-2SRD and HMR-SRD Districts
  • Two-family or townhouse development within the R-2 District
  • Multifamily development within the R-3 District, and
  • Cottage Housing development within any residential district.

The Pilot Program will be reassessed, as directed by the City Council or by the Director, after projects have been completed in three or more of the permitted categories, or after three or more of any single category has been completed—whichever comes first.

Design Direction

Compatibility with the following patterns established by existing neighborhood development:

  1. Street frontage characteristics
  2. Rhythm of development along the street
  3. Building orientation on the site and in relation to the street
  4. Front setback patterns
  5. Landscaping and trees
  6. Backyard patterns and topography
  7. Architectural features
  8. Historic character, if located within a designated Historic District.

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Planning and Development Services


Program Process

Review Process


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