Inspection- Scheduling Online

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How to Schedule an Inspection Online

1. Navigate to

2. Under the Permits heading click the blue link, “Schedule an Inspection”

3. Enter the record number you are scheduling the inspection for and click the Search button.

If you are logged into your account, you can select your record from the list of available records. Click the desired record number to continue.

4. On the next page, select the “Record Info” drop-down menu and click Inspections.

5. Next click the “Schedule or Request an Inspection” link.

6. The following window will pop-up, select the appropriate inspection type and click “Continue”

7. Click on the requested date shown on the calendar, then click the button next to the available time. Then click continue. Note: Inspections may occur anytime between 9am – 3pm on the date scheduled. If you need a specific time, please note this in the next section.

8. Change the contact information, if necessary, then click continue.

9. Verify the inspection details: type, Date and Time, Location

10. Click Include Additional Notes to provide details you want to provide to the inspector.

Example: “Inspection for basement work only. Beware of dog in back yard.”

11. Click Finish. Your inspection is now scheduled.

Notes: [1] While your inspection may indicate ‘9am’, please note that inspections may occur anytime between 9am – 3pm on the date requested.

 [2] Failure to be prepared for an inspection may result in re-inspection fees, which may be required to be paid prior to the next requested inspection.

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