New Residential Combination Permits

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Effective June 1st, 2018, Planning and Development Services (PDS) is launching a New Residential Combination Permit.  This new permit process will streamline the number of permits and permit process by allowing applicants to apply for a new residential building (BLDRN) permit with one submission in most cases.  The scope of the work authorized by the building permit will include the building, plumbing, and mechanical work.  An associated site development (SDEV) permit will authorize the water connection, stormwater connection/devices, wastewater connection, grading, and driveway work. The SDEV permit will be created by PDS Staff during the review of the BLDRN permit.

There are several things to note about the New Residential Combination Permit review process:

  • Stand-alone permits for work such as plumbing, mechanical, or sewer connections are still available when a residential building permit does not apply.
  • Land use discretionary permits maintain a separate process and require a separate permit submission, fee, review, timeline, and permit.
  • Residential building permits can be issued to a homeowner, licensed contractor, or authorized representative of the homeowner. SDEV permits can only be issued to a licensed contractor with a City of Tacoma right-of-way bond as the SDEV permit now may include work within City right-of-way.
  • Our website,, has many additional resources, such as our online fee estimator, document checklists, and our current levels of service.

Process for New Residential Permits

Submitting a Permit

Plan Review

  • During the review process, we will look at building, plumbing, mechanical, connections to sewer, water and storm facilities (as applicable), driveway (as applicable) and on-site erosion control and grading.
  • A Site Development (SDEV) permit will be created during the review process and will be prepared and invoiced to your account as part of your project. You only need to submit a separate SDEV permit application if you are going to be grading or filling 50 cubic yards or more or clearing 7,000 square feet or more before your building permit has been issued.
  • You will be notified by email when review comments are available in your online account and when your permits are invoiced and ready to issue.

Permit Issuance

Once you have paid, the BLDRN permit can be issued online to the homeowner or licensed contractor. The SDEV permit can be issued online to a licensed contractor with a City of Tacoma right-of-way bond.

Final Permit Documents

Each New Residential Combination Permit will be issued with the following documents:

  • Inspection Record Card;
  • Building (BLDRN) Permit;
  • Site Development (SDEV) Permit;
  • Off-Site Improvements Letter (as applicable);
  • Approved document set.



Structure, Plumbing & Mechanical: 253-573-2587

Fire / Sprinkler: 253-573-2587

Electrical: 253-502-8277

Zoning/Landscaping Final 253-591-5030 (option 4)

Site/ROW 253-573-2587

  • Storm and Sanitary Connections New/Repair
  • Water Line New/Repair
  • All Right-of-Way/Site work including Storm and Sanitary
  • Filter Devices & Source Control Inspections
  • Erosion Control Initial/Final

Additional Permits

Separate permits are required for:

  • Off-site work, other than a driveway that was approved as a part of the SDEV permit, which may include a Work Order for sidewalk or curb/gutter;
  • Accessory dwelling unit (ADU), variances, or other Land Use (LU) permits;
  • Fire Protection (FIRER) Permits;
  • Demolition (DEMOR) Permits;
  • Historic Design Review (HDR).


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Code References

Getting Started with Tacoma Permits (ACA)




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