Parking Lot Changes

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Permits for Parking Changes
A permit for parking lots is required for any work that changes the configuration of existing off-street parking or adding new off-street parking.  This includes, but is not limited to, modifying or adding new drive aisles or driveways, reconfiguring existing parking stalls/restriping, adding or removing parking stalls, resurfacing or installing new pavement, and altering pedestrian walkways or access to and from a parking area.

Why Permits are Required
The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) 2010 standards and the International Building Code require accessible parking in public and private parking lots.  The required number of accessible parking stalls is proportional to the total number of stalls provided in the parking lot. Individuals with disabilities require parking spaces with access aisles as close to business entrances as possible.  Without these parking spaces, many people with disabilities are unable to safely access buildings and other facilities. Details on accessible parking are available from the Northwest ADA Center and can be accessed online at or by phone at 1-800-949-4232 or TTY 711.

The City’s Land Use Regulatory Code provides minimum parking lot development standards that are applicable to drive aisles, parking stall size, driveway location, pedestrian pathways, lighting, and landscaping. These standards are contained in the Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) Sections 13.06.090.B, 13.06.090.C, 13.06.090.C.5.i and 13.06.090.F.

We understand that additional costs may be incurred when restriping parking lots to ensure accessibility. However, the City of Tacoma is committed to ensuring accessibility for everyone.  If you have any questions about the permitting process or would like to submit an application, please contact Planning and Development Services staff at (253) 591-5030 or online using our staff directory.

ADA Stalls

Submittal Requirements for Parking Lot Change (SDEV Permit)
All application materials must be submitted in electronic PDF format. 

  • Site plan including layout of parking spaces, drive aisles, and other proposed changes to the parking lot, must contain dimensions and be to scale
  • Location and dimension of proposed accessible parking stalls and access aisles
  • Location and dimension of accessible pathways provided from the parking spaces to the building
  • Location and dimension of accessible pathways provided from the right-of-way to the building
  • Documentation addressing the Environmental Services Stormwater Management requirements, if modifying the drainage in any way.

Parking Lot Changes


Environmental Services
If adding, removing, or replacing pavement, gravel, or other impervious surfaces, stormwater regulations for pollution generating surfaces are applicable.

For more information, go to: or contact Surface Water Management at (253) 591-5281


Parking Lot Changes


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