Payment In Lieu of Construction Program – Flett Creek

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MITIGATION: Flow Control
APPROVED AREA: Flett Creek Watershed
This program allows property owners within the Flett Creek Watershed with qualified projects to pay a system development charge to connect to the Gravel Pit Regional Stormwater Facility instead of constructing  required stormwater flow control best management practices (BMPs) on their project site. Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) 12.08.870 outlines the program requirements.

A property owner qualified under this program will be assessed a one-time system development charge of $0.97 per square foot of surface area requiring flow control mitigation.

For Minimum Requirement #7 Only
Applicants must comply with all applicable Minimum Requirements (MR) as required by the Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM).  This system development charge can only be used to satisfy MR#7.  Best Management Practices (BMPs) may be required to be installed onsite to satisfy other Minimum Requirements such as MR#5 Onsite Stormwater Management, MR#6 Water Quality Treatment, and MR#8 Wetlands Protection.

Voluntary Program
The program is voluntary. Once mitigation requirements for a proposed project have been determined, a property owner has the option to construct a flow control facility on his/her site or pay a one-time system development charge in lieu of constructing the facility.

Serves Only Flett Creek Watershed
Payment into the the Gravel Pit Regional Stormwater Facility is currently available to qualified projects within the Flett Creek Watershed for MR#7 – Flow Control only.  The City intends to expand the program to additional watersheds and Minimum Requirements as capacity available within facilities is determined.

Projects Not Accepted
Examples of projects that are not eligible for the program include:

  • Requests for any exemption to a Minimum Requirement.
  • Requests to reserve capacity for future mitigation needs.
  • Existing projects or projects that are already permitted.
  • Projects submitted when 85% of the mitigation credits have been reserved for preceding projects.

Project Participation Does Not Alter Mitigation Requirements
Applicants are still required to comply with all applicable Minimum Requirements including completing a Stormwater Site Plan and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan per the SWMM.  Please contact Site Review at (253) 591-5760 or to determine if your project qualifies for this program.

Flow Control Program Benefits

  • One-time system development charge
  • Typically lower cost to participate in program than to construct flow control facility on site
  • No or fewer stormwater BMPs on project site
  • No annual operation and maintenance costs or maintenance responsibility for participation in the Gravel Pit Regional Stormwater Facility


For additional program information, see the City of Tacoma Stormwater Management Manual page.

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