Right-of-Way Permits

Right-of-Way Work
Any use of, or work performed within, the ROW will require one of the following permits:

Right-of-Way Occupancy Permit (ROCC)
Previously referred to as a Street Occupancy Permit (SOP), is a provision of Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) 9.08 Right-of-Way Occupancies. It is a permit that allows for private use or occupancy of the public right-of-way, when that use or occupancy has a duration of 90 days or more.

Additional Permit(s) Required
The objective of a ROCC permit is to review the long term impacts of a proposed use or occupancy of the ROW.  Additional permits are required for any associated construction or alteration to the ROW and/or any use or occupancy.

**Please note, there are certain structures not allowed under a Right-of-Way Occupancy permit.**
  • Permanent Structures or Portions Thereof – to include any new commercial or residential building structure or items of encroachment into the Right-of-Way such as door swings.
  • Storage Structures – to include any structures such as sheds, greenhouses, or similar storage facilities.

Title 9 of the Tacoma Municipal Code
Right-of-Way Occupancy – Permit Exemptions
Right-of-Way Occupancy – Design Guide
Example – Raised Bed Planters
Example – Fences & Retaining Walls

Sidewalk Cafes

Temporary Sidewalk Cafes Tip Sheet
Sidewalk Cafes Tip Sheet
Example Sidewalk Cafe Plan

Temporary Curbside Cafe / Market

Curbside Cafe Program
Temporary Curbside Café/Market Tip Sheet


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