Searching for UST/AST Records

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Planning and Development Services does not currently process any permits for Underground Storage Tanks or Above Ground Storage tanks.  Our Historical Permit Records may contain reference to these types of installations located on our Inspection Cards however this is infrequent.

Recommended contacts for UST/AST records:

  1. Washington State Department of Ecology
  2. Pierce County Health Department
  3. Tacoma Fire Department

Getting Started

You can start your search by using the GovMe map to review Environmental Data layers then move onto our DART map and Historical Permit Record search to review Inspection Cards.

GovMe map

Our original GIS mapping system can be found by going to: and selecting the maps icon in the lower right hand side of the screen, then choose govME MapGuide or use the following direct link:

This map has multiple layers under the Environmental Data category which reveal records of Contaminated Site / UG Tanks as provided by Pierce County.  The yellow information box will appear when you hover over the tank.

Permit Records

The following instruction will help guide you through the process of searching for permit records focusing on the Inspection Cards.  These Inspection Cards are the only documents that Planning and Development Services would have that would contain UST or AST records.

Dart Map

Our DART map can be found by going to: and selecting the Maps Icon in the lower right hand side of the screen, then choose DART Map. 

Tacoma Permits Maps


There are many features in the DART map which you may want to explore including our base maps and layers list.  The map also has measuring and drawing tools which can be useful when researching a property or defining a project.  However in this How to Guide we will be focusing on address, parcel and permit searches.

Once you have access to the map you will be able to use the search bar in the upper left hand corner to search for either address or parcel number.  Once the address has appeared in the Site Address section you may select it in order for the map to focus on that property.  This is the same process for the Parcel search.

Dart Search Bar

Identify results

Once the screen has centered on your property you will need to click on the parcel in order to activate the Identify Results window on the left side of the screen.  This window will provide you with the parcel details supplied by Pierce County immediately.  This shows the parcel number and the primary address.

If the parcel details do not show an address then you will need to click on the Permit/Site History to reveal the address provided by the City of Tacoma and/or any additional addresses as seen below.

GovMe Results

Permit/Site history

The permit history found on the DART map include various record types.  Your search should focus on the Inspection Cards.

  1. Inspection Cards (BLD, PLM, MEC records to 2001 and Side Sewer records to the mid-2000’s)

These files are saved as .TIF image files and are readily available to be reviewed and/or downloaded.

Permit History


Accela – Historical permit records – govme

Through our main permitting website, you will be able to search this same database using the address rather than the map.  The direct link to this search page is: /PermitSiteHistory/FindPermit.aspx

This can also be found by accessing our permitting website at: then selecting the “Historical Permit Records” link.


This type of search is helpful for properties that may be on a street that had a name change or buildings that may have changed or retired addresses.  (Best viewed in Internet Explorer)

Street Name Changes

Martin Luther King Jr Way = South M Street

Stewart St = Stewart Ave

Earnest S Brazill St = South 12th St

(These are just a few examples and not an exhaustive list)

You will want to search for records under both street names in order to confirm you have all the historical records for each address you provide.

Retired Addresses

When a property has multiple addresses associated with it, such as with some commercial buildings, the likelihood that an address has been retired overtime increases. If an address has been retired then it will not show up on our maps.

As storefronts may be combined or separated, the addresses must be updated as well. When searching for permit records it can sometimes be beneficial to search by the Street Name only and scroll down the list to the address block in question to make sure nothing is overlooked.

As you can see from the example, the addresses of 1102 and 1104 Martin Luther King Jr Way have been retired, most likely due to the combination of storefronts or a similar change.



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