Virtual Meetings

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Planning and Development Services will be utilizing Microsoft Teams to meet with you virtually.

Please see our Pre-Application, Commercial Coaching, and Over the Counter Requests Tip Sheets for more information about available meeting types. A staff member will coordinate a virtual meeting or phone call based on the meeting goals and number attendees.

Do I need to download Microsoft Teams?

No, if you do not have the Microsoft Teams application it can be accessed by following the steps below without downloading or creating an account.


Meetings invites will include a “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link

As shown when received by a web-based email client:

Click on the link provided in the meeting invite. The Microsoft Teams website will automatically pull up on your web browser. This will give you the option to join within the Teams Application (if you have Teams installed on your computer).

If you do not have the application installed, please choose Cancel and then choose “Join on Web Instead”

The Teams meeting window will appear and provide you the chance to confirm your name and confirm if you would prefer to join via video and/or audio. (In the example below I’ve turned the camera off)

Once you’ve added your name you can select “Join Now”

You will now connect to the meeting and be placed in the “Lobby” pending the meeting facilitator’s acceptance.

The meeting facilitator will receive a notification that you are waiting to join the meeting. They will then choose “Admit” to connect you.

You will then be able to see the meeting facilitator and any other individuals who may be in attendance.

Once you are in attendance you may mute/unmute your microphone by clicking this symbol.

To share your screen/stop sharing, click this symbol.

Can I call in from my phone?

The meeting invite should also include a call-in option and phone number. If a call-in option and phone number are not included, please be sure to reach out to the meeting facilitator.

How do I request a virtual meeting?

Please see our Pre-Application, Commercial Coaching, and Over the Counter Requests Tip Sheets for more information about our meeting types and how to request a meeting.

Many meetings may accomplish their goals over the phone. Virtual meetings are meant to stand-in for meetings that would typically be conducted in-person at the Tacoma Municipal Building such as Pre-Development or Coaching Meetings.

If you have questions please reach out to the email.

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