Work Order Permits

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Work proposed within the right-of-way (public streets, utilities and infrastructure, private access ways etc.) requires a Work Order Permit
Work Order Permits are reviewed and approved through the Site Development Group. To discuss your project requirements contact the Site Development Group at 253-591-5030.

To initiate a Work Order Permit
The applicant must submit the following items online at Tacoma’s Permitting Portal (ACA):

  • Work Order Informational Packet
      • Work Order request form signed by the applicant
      • Work Order Checklist (electronic PDF)
    • Engineered Drawings (electronic PDFs on CD/DVD or flash drive)
  • Copy of the land use decision (Short Plat, Plat, CUP, etc.) and associated SEPA Determination, if applicable.
  • Copies of all other applicable reports and associated documents.

The plans are reviewed for conformance with regulatory requirements and City standards
Requested plan modifications are transmitted to the applicant’s design engineer. The design engineer is responsible for addressing required changes. After the City has determined that the plans meet all requirements, final Work Order plans must be submitted for signature.

Upon approval of the Work Order drawings, the following items are required:

  • Approved Traffic Control Plan (TCP) and Pedestrian Accessible Route Plan (PAR)
  • Performance Bond or Assignment of Funds
    • $15,000 minimum – See TMC 10.22.070.F for bond requirements.
  • Notification to impacted property owners

The Site Development plan reviewer will contact the applicant to schedule a pre-construction meeting
After the pre-construction meeting, the Work Order permit and any other applicable permits may be issued to a licensed and bonded contractor within the City of Tacoma.

The Work Order account will be used for reimbursing the City for labor, equipment and materials costs during the Work Order duration
Upon depletion of the initial deposit, a monthly invoice will be issued to recover any additional cost to the City.

For Plats and Short Plats
Any required site improvements must be either installed with appropriate permits, through the Work Order process, or bonded prior to recording.

PRE-application meetings
To find out if your project requires a meeting prior to submittal, see the Pre-Application Requests Tip Sheet.

Contact Site Development at 253-591-5030

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