We work with the community to plan and permit a safe, sustainable, livable city.

View the 2025 Strategic Plan for Planning and Development Services here

Development Services is available to assist with all types of projects, ranging from small to large scale developments. We have staff representatives in the Permit Center for building code, land use and zoning, traffic, environmental services, private development, and right-of-way.

Our services also reach beyond these areas to coordinate with Tacoma Public Utilities (Water, Power and Rail), Tacoma Fire, and other departments offering incentives, business assistance, and licensing. Our one-stop shop can help move your project forward with ease.

Here are just a few of the many services we provide:

Pre-Application Services
We have dedicated staff to help you in the preliminary planning stage of any project. It can range from constructing new commercial buildings to work on a residential home.

Are you curious about what permits might be required for a project? Visit us to find out more information on permits, estimate of permit costs, and review timelines. Also, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out the types of permits that are available and when they may be necessary.

Also, see our Fast and Friendly or Free Promise.

Online Permits
Save yourself the drive. We offer all our permit applications online for quick and easy submittal. We also offer a selection of ePermits. ePermits are an expedited process that allows you to complete an application, pay the required fee, and print a permit all from the comfort of your home or office.

Tip Sheets
Need more information on processes or construction requirements? We have tip sheets to help explain things.

If you are interested in learning about codes, tools and tips to make your development more sustainable, we can help with a variety of information called Green Tools.

One-Stop Shop
We bring the experts to you! The Permit Center is staffed with representatives from different departments to answer your questions. You will be amazed how much information you will obtain from sitting at one desk.

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