Pre-Development Service Fee

Planning and Development Services (PDS) is introducing a new pre-development service fee in 2019.

Over the past year, PDS has been adjusting our pre-application services to improve upon the timing and deliverable for our customers. The adjustments were made in collaboration with the Tacoma Permit Advisory Task Force, from feedback received by our customers in the development community and from experiences from City staff.

The enhancements to the service includes a comprehensive comment memo which includes permitting requirements and project specific conditions with code citations. The latter is included to allow our customers a clearer understanding of why a requirement is being added and the authority for the condition. This comment memo is provided to our applicants in approximately two weeks from date of complete submittal and does not require the applicant to be present as the project is reviewed.

If additional clarification or an in-person discussion is needed, PDS will offer an option for our customers to provide follow up documentation or questions for the project meeting. The meeting will be scheduled in one to two weeks after the initial comment memo is provided. This allows our customers time to review the permitting requirements and project conditions and for staff to review any new information. A post-meeting comment memo will be provided following the discussion. The total engagement from start to finish will take two to four weeks which is a reduction from the six or more weeks our customers experienced in the past.

The fees for the pre-development service will be paid prior to the initial review and prior to any follow up meeting. However, if the project moves into permitting, PDS will credit up to 100% of the pre-development fees towards the plan review fees for the associated building permit.

For our customers who do not want to utilize the pre-development option, PDS will continue to have the staff available to assist customers on a walk in basis. Additionally, we will continue to offer coaching meetings for customers who want to schedule time to engage a staff member about the application or interpretation of code.

Pre-Development Service Options

Option A – $1,250
* Includes Electronic Review and Comment Memo

Option B – $2,500
* Includes Option A services plus in-person meeting and post-meeting comment memo

Option C – No Fee
* Walk-in counter engagement, scheduled code coaching meetings, and land use required pre-applications will have no fee

***If a proposal results in a permit submittal, pre-development fees are eligible for credit towards the associated building permit’s plan review fee.*** (credit not to exceed the plan review fee amount)

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