Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU) Coaching

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For the development of accessory dwelling units, Planning and Development Services offers additional services and assistance with proposed designs prior to permit submittal. The information obtained in this process will help applicants to better understand code requirements as they develop their proposal and avoid common review corrections that often delay permit issuance.

This enhanced service includes preliminary feedback for Land Use, Building, and Site Development code compliance and can also include an optional staff site visit meeting. Please note, evaluation of Critical Areas is not included with this process and would need to be addressed separately.

Example DADU photo

The feedback and information offered through this process will help refine project proposals and provide guidance in the preparation of plans. Although this process does not include a full plan review, staff will work to identify preliminary code and design concerns.  It is the responsibility of the applicant/owner to make sure the proposal meets all development, design, and construction code requirements, as adopted at the time of permit submittal.

To begin this process, submit an on-line PRE request – See out PRE Requests Tip Sheet
When submitting the application, be sure to indicate this is for a DADU. The submittal will need to include a site plan with the proposed size and location of the DADU, and a separate document with any specific questions. Preliminary plans/drawings can also be uploaded.

Example Site Plan

Once submitted, City staff will review the documents and reach out to the applicant to discuss the proposed project and provide a staff contact to schedule a site visit, if desired.

If the scope of questions extends beyond the area of expertise provided by this service, it may be advised to go through a Pre-Development Review or schedule a focused coaching meeting with reviewers from other groups/departments.

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